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Wood Pellet Stove Hestia

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Wood Pellet Stove Hestia


  • Model: CPS-030A (220V, 60Hz)
  • Heating capacity :99.2 m2
  • Fuel consumption: 1.2kg~2.3kg per a hour
  • Fueling: Auto
  • Ignition: Auto
  • Safety: Back fire protector/ No overheating
  • Dimension: 550x650x1,025(mm)
  • Weight: 110kg


Maximize thermal efficiency
Dry the color and flavor in the state of nature
Automated, easy-to-access control panels
Luxurious design
Uniformly dry on the products each tray


Wood pellets provide a renewable, natural source of energy because they are made from byproducts reclaimed from wood-based manufacturing plants and sawmills. Traditional wood fires require splitting, stacking, hauling and extensive cleanup, but pellets not only eliminate the need for hard work, they also provide clean, economic fuel.
You don’t have to worry about running out of room to store pellets, because they typically come in 40-pound bags that are easy to handle and require far less space than cord wood. Again, pellets are very economical, providing consistent heat and extended burn times.


Automatic suppliance when more fuel is needed.
Auto ignition that let you easily and quickly start a fire.
Automated, easy-to-access control panels.
Unbeatable warranties.


  • Convection blower adjustment capabilities
  • Automatic supply function
  • you easily and quickly start a fire
  • Automated, easy-to-access control panels.
  • Unbeatable warranties

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Wood Pellet Stove Hestia

Wood Pellet Stove Hestia